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Garden Centre Design

I have worked with Garden Centres to improve their retail presentation and store format design since 2011. I enjoy the challenges that these flexible space and seasonal retailers present and the creative freedom my clients allow. 

My projects have included the following -  new build design, concept store roll outs, store format work, Christmas install and creative concept design, equipment design, visual merchandising and focal displays.

Percy Throwers - New Concept Store Design

Percy Throwers - New Concept Store Design

In 2015 I was hired by Wyevale Garden Centres Store format manger on a 12-month contract. During that time, I worked closely with the agency and team involved to deliver a scalable “concept store" for the brand.

With a view to roll the concept out to 2 flagship stores and another new build on the horizon I had to also document the design to delivery process in a VM Directive that could then be shared with the business to replicate and maintain the standards and principles set in place 

The contract was varied and layered involving many areas of Creative design and project management shown below. 

Internal Department Design & Format

Internal Department Design & Format

Every step of the new build had to be researched, planned and collated in storyboards for me to brief the agency on the vision I had for the departments. Pulling together layouts and equipment ideas and plans allowed them to create slick 3D visuals of how the store would look on completion

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Creative management

Creative management

Briefing the agency for department visuals amending and feeding back every step of the design process to achieve a 2D vision that would represent and work seamlessly and commercially in store. At this design stage I worked closely with Wyevale marketing to keep them briefed on the marketing material that would be needed to be incorporated into these visuals and in store. 

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On-site Project Management

On-site Project Management

Be present full-time on site for the last 6 weeks of the build to oversee my areas of responsibility, keep the project on track and create a set of VM principles for the new concept store.

Visual Merchandising & Implementation

Visual Merchandising & Implementation

Recruiting and heading up a team of 6 VM contractors for the last 2 weeks on-site was a big challenge. I worked closely with them to ensure that I successfully delivered the concept that had been visualised throughout the design process. 

Working with the product, densely merchandising and implementing creative visual displays on the new equipment I had briefed for these areas, successfully delivered the vision and plan.  


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Design - Create -  Deliver

Design - Create - Deliver

Delivering a Christmas Scheme to 140 UK garden centres is a challenge. The starting point was always the design of the scheme and how I was going to use the space, props and fixtures available. 

With a background in POS design from my time at Mattel UK I introduced the use of cardboard props to the business to bring the concepts to life within the budget given. 

From Concept board to Mock Shop, I worked on this for two - three months. Designing the scheme, the solutions and collating and ordering set up kits for the entire business. Along with the logistics of the scheme and installation I also designed and merchandised the mock set up and trained over 300 staff to prepare them for the in store set up, and then produced a "Step up Step Christmas Manual" for each grade to work with in store. 

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