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Im not much of a blogger…well I am not one at all I am too busy working. No offence to bloggers intended! I am however working on exciting projects all the time that I don’t capture on there so I thought that I would start a mini portfolio of them here..starting with Table 22.

Konditor and Cook Christmas Window Concept Design

I was thrilled to be approached by Konditor and Cook to meet with them one hot summers day in July 2018. The subject was Christmas and it was of course discussed over Tea & Cake! The Marketing manager was looking for VM support to create a Christmas scheme to implement across their 6 London sites. The Scheme had to be modular, low cost and easy to install for all the teams. The starting point was their marketing campaign ”Starry starry night”

The starting point of me was to create a deck to share with the Marketing manager to run through some initial ideas…

Then another catch up, budget discussions and timeframes and creative round 2 is worked on and reviewed and the final scheme is agreed a modular vinyl window kit that comes in parts and can scale up and down for the window variations across the stores. Led lights to add animation to the displays and cube infills and counter sheets to dress up existing props.

This final round and solution is approved for role out and I returned in November to set up one of the stores for the brand with the help of their team and this was then used a model store to communicate to the rest of the brand.

Prior to the vinyl install…

Prior to the vinyl install…

Keri Sheehan