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Im not much of a blogger…well I am not one at all I am too busy working. No offence to bloggers intended! I am however working on exciting projects all the time that I don’t capture on there so I thought that I would start a mini portfolio of them here..starting with Table 22.

Selfridges - Abelforth pop-up Concession design and install

I worked with Abelforth's to create a focal point selling space and custom design area within the Selfridges wines and spirits floor for October - December 2017. The brief included sourcing and providing bespoke props, POS and set up in store. I was asked to reflect the botanical provenonce of the brand, add a Christmas feel and some bespoke themed props. Most importantly a low cost and industrial style mobile station for a illustrator to work at in peak hours to create hand made labels. 

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A simple set up to utilise the corner footprint space given over to the brand and to utilise the space fully. The area included a mobile desk requirement for peak trade for a custom handmade label station. The botanical elements of the spirits were sent to me to use as part of the display and the prep work began....
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The Install on site….

Chalkboard POS on easels, a pre lit garland with the custom made botanical baubles attached and themed props create the finish for one side of the display.. I also sourced and used clear perspex risers within the crates to increase stock per square foot and maximise the selling space available. Stepping up the product also helped create more depth and volume in the display.
The mobile table was purchased from Ikea and I sourced a custom cut sheet of galvanised steel to attach to the top of it to add the industrial finish required within the budget given. The chairs were also fold up and easy to store in the storage area provided for the brand. The table was finished with chalkboard effect POS end not shown here. 
Original desk without the galvanised steel top finish.

Original desk without the galvanised steel top finish.

Keri Sheehan