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Garden Centre VM

I have been working with Garden Centres to improve their retail presentation and store format design since 2011. I am also one of the few, if not only freelance VM in the UK who has worked with the Kaemingk Deco team in their European showroom assisting on the Christmas and Spring installations.

I moved from high street VM to the garden centre industry 7 years ago and was told, “you will ether love the challenges that this business throws at you or you will be gone in six weeks”. Well I am still here and I still enjoy the challenges that these flexible space and seasonal retailers present, plus the creative freedom the industry and my clients allow. 

Working across all departments I create focal displays, VM stock and take everyday garden centre items and create bright and inspiring displays. Hand painted murals and chalkboard signage are all part of the set up.

This year I also worked with Crocus Garden Centre to photograph and style their Christmas product for their online content imagery.

Indoor Store format and VM

Indoor Store format and VM

Most garden centres use industry standard high and low level wall gondola to display there stock. For sundries and Wild Bird care this works well and is functional. However when it comes to Home, food gifting etc. it can devalue the products. I have found way to revamp standard gondola without compromising the sales per sq. ft.

I also design fixtures ensuring that they are always modular and have a multi purpose element due to the flexible and seasonal trading in this industry.

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Houseplant Department

Houseplant Department

This houseplant department has standard wall gondola but in just one day I transformed it with the help of the team on site. Using gravel board, paints and props.

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Planteria Seasonal Displays

Planteria Seasonal Displays

From turning a trestle table top into a pink front door for a cottage garden display and then going all Frida Kahlo Mexico to brighten up a dull corner of a centre, I have become very good at making something out of nothing in Centres to create all year round themed and seasonal displays.

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Christmas Design and Installation

Christmas Design and Installation

I have been creating Christmas schemes in Garden Centres since 2011. My most recent design and installation at Sunshine Garden Centre has won the 2018 North Thames Garden Centre Association Christmas Display Award came in 2nd in the UK overall!

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Van Hage Christmas Tree Workshop

Van Hage Christmas Tree Workshop

As part of the Christmas events evening at Van Hage I presented a Christmas tree dressing workshop in collaboration with Kaemingk.

Frosts Garden Centre

Frosts Garden Centre

I worked with Frosts in 2016 and 2017 to create and install Christmas displays inspired by those in the Kaemingk showrooms.

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Product content styling and photography

Product content styling and photography

I worked with Crocus Garden Centre to create Christmas multi channel content.

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Halloween Display

Halloween Display

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